Its good to know my full range of services before we get involved so we can set expectations and targets.


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My management package is perfect for companies who want a dedicated social media manager. Someone to focus on your social media strategy so you have more time to focus on your business.

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Using my graphic design, videography, photography and copywriting skills I can create custom content to publish on your social media channels.

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Original content is a valuable trust indicator to potential clients and adds a layer of professionalism to your brand.

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Understanding your individual market allows me to conduct research into other brands and how they conduct their social media presence to allow me to identify strategies, shortcomings or potential areas of growth to apply to your channels.

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Good market research allows you to set realistic targets and helps direct the social media strategy.

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Social listening is interacting with your clients on social media content. Whether it is answering a business question or replying to a positive comment, social listening is a key factor in the success of a Social Media Strategy.

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People like being listened to. Fast responses on social media content improves customer service and can lead to better client reviews.

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Its important to fully understand where to market your products, and why. I am able to identify key words, search terms and effective channels to appeal to your specific consumer base. Poorly targeted advertisement campaigns waste time and money if they do not reach the correct audience.

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Good ad targeting can lead to increased sales, conversions and reach.

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With regular data analysis I can provide you with regular updates to inform you which content is working and which content isn't. Regular updates take the guess work out of social media marketing.

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Data analysis provides tangible success or failure metrics to influence future work saving time and money.

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I can help create your brand or bring it up to speed with todays market practices.

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Effective branding allows you to stand out against your competitors.

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Utilizing an email list I can create peridodical emails rich with original content to capture leads or convert people who are already interested in your product.

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Email marketing is one of the most lucrative, free marketing strategies available.


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My consultation package is perfect for companies who have the labour or time available to dedicate to social media management but need a push in the right direction. I can instruct your strategy from start to finish to generate results.

Most of my services in my management portfolio can also be conducted in a consultation only fashion.

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I can advise you on what you should be posting, at what times and through which channels. It is important to have a content strategy.

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Good content support allows you to manage your releases in digestibly segments and provides structure.

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Drafting up a release schedule allows you to allocate labour in order to avoid wasting time or having people stay late in work.

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A release schedule allows you to timetable your releases for better time management.

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I can conduct research to allow you to add key words and search terms in your content to allow them to reach more clients.

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SEO makes your content appear higher in more peoples social media timelines or pages.

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