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Seaseeker Charters


Seaseeker Charters is a first-class and unique yacht hiring experience. Right in the middle of Ocean Village, the company offers the opportunity for those who are seeking finer extravagances and seek to make an impression.

Giving a range of daily charters, the company has attracted everyone, from private clients celebrating special occasions to big companies developing team-building exercises.

Without any social media presence, the main goal was to create and grow an online presence on both Facebook and Instagram, developing a branding and exposure strategy. With this client, the main focus was on creating a luxurious image across their digital presence and any platform.


  • Create & grow online presence
  • Target Facebook & Instagram
  • Develop branding & exposure strategy
  • Create a luxurious image across company digital presence


  • Grew Facebook account follows by 160%
  • Grew Instagram account follows by 142%

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2019 - Present

Content creation, marketing, SEO

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